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Propulsion Subsystem On Low Cost Electric Vehicles Using Common Large Scale Industrial Equipment

12/01/2018 12h59


Link: 3018_propulsion_subsystem_on_low_cost_electric_vehicles_using_common_large_scale_industrial_equipment.pdf

Resumo: The aim for this paper is to analyze parameters for the propulsion system of vehicles in urban operating conditions through the longitudinal dynamics, in order to map out devices and commonly used large scale industrial equipment, which could be used in these vehicles, maintaining compatible cost and performance characteristics. It is sought to shorten time-tomarket, which is typically high when developing proprietary solutions, and also to reduce typically high costs when using specific devices for electric cars, which are less disseminated than the industrial devices proposed. Industrial equipment such as induction motors and inverter drives using conventional power sources were analyzed through the study of catalog listing information and axiomatic methods. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the power supply, through conventional acidlead batteries would be the main limiting factor for performance,stressing the need for other more effective and lighter sources. It also demonstrates that, for the national context, the two-power train rear wheel drive configuration with automotive acidic lead source presents the best feature to be implemented in the traction system of an urban electric vehicle.


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